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Hello, friends. I hope you are safe and well.


Because I want to help in any way I can, I've added audio recordings of Acts of Courage and Secrets of Willowbrook, read by yours truly. 


I hope you find time to sit and relax and get lost in a story and I hope it helps you through any stress or discomfort you might be experiencing during these worldwide challenging times. 



Reviews and Press

    Acts of Courage by Pamela Horner is a taste of Hank Zipzer meets The Magic Tree House.  This imaginative retelling of the adventures of George Rogers Clark’s capture of the three western forts during the American Revolution, along with the company of a modern day fourth grade student struggling with dyslexia, has absolutely delighted my class.  As a fourth grade teacher in Indiana, I have been thrilled to find this creative, engaging book that brings this part of history alive to my students.  I look forward to using Acts of Courage as a regular part of my curriculum in years to come.  The historical accounts, along with the relatable humor and lessons in perseverance, are sure to please.  I highly recommend this book to all fourth grade students and to anyone else interested in learning more about a true American hero.

Debbie Housel

4th Grade Teacher


     "I am the first to admit, history wasn't my favorite subject in school. I debated reading a book even history related in fear it would bore me. This book is far from boring. This book takes you on an adventure! I have a daughter in middle school who I will be introducing this book to because I think it is a great learning tool. I recommend this book to people of all ages."






"Author Stresses Perserverance"


BEDFORD – Students at Shawswick Elementary School are joining students from schools across the country this week in focusing on the importance of reading during a week that encompasses the birthday of popular children’s author Dr. Seuss.

     Shawswick fourth- and fifth-grade students marked the occasion Thursday by assembling in the school gymnasium to learn more about local author Pamela Horner, whose face is a familiar one.  In addition to having written two books, Horner teaches English at Shawswick Middle School.

Horner talked about what she wanted her young audience to game from the presentation.

     “There were a couple of things that I was interested in,” she said.  “No. 1, I wanted them to hopefully have an interest in writing.  Even if you get one kid to think, ‘Oh, I think I can do that,’ that’s so important.”

     “Other than that, it was the reading aspect.  If anyone can write something that will get a student’s attention, a child’s attention, and maybe get them interested – it doesn’t matter what genre, just as long as they’re readers – that’s so important.”

     A third element that Horner talked about was her interest in the students understanding the importance of perseverance. “That really was a big thing in my book,” Horner said.


*Complete article can be found at www.tmnews.com*




Roger Moon

Times Mail

Bedford, Indiana





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